“Everyone needs his/her Angel and I’ve got one too. A real one. It’s my boyfriend Dalibor to whom I’m grateful for many things, who inspires me and helps me create my art.”

If we were to permit ourselves the challenge of characterizing the complex and often contradictory quality of Zvonar’s art we might say that its incongruous facets arise out of a struggle to make manifest an ‘inner realism’ only available to the artist. It arises out of a world that only the artist is capable of identifying and tracing. He is engaged in seeking in art a satisfaction for man’s rage for order; he finds spiritual order, not divine revelation, in a secular imagination. In outlining that world’s contours to the observer Zvonar‘s logic of passion gives moral authority and remarkable subver- sive importance to the artist’s task of unveiling the marvelous.

John Austin is an art writer living and working in Manhattan


His art is a reflection of his own personality!  Peter Zvonar wants us to know what drives him and gives us his insight to the world of his art.

Christian symbols

The way he focuses on sorrow and pain…Warhol is rarely as simple as he seems on the surface …

Homage to Andy Warhol