Peter ERZVO Zvonar

Exceptional works of art from an extraordinary country in the heart of Europe.

Slovakia is depicted as a beautiful, small, conservative, Catholic country, rich in history and traditions, full of beautiful scenery and historical sites, nice and humble people who would rather bow their heads to the ground than stand out in a crowd, and here several unique art-works were born in a small town surrounded by mountains. Peter ERZVO Zvonar, an ordinary man, who believes in love and goodness, and who since his childhood has been standing out in a crowd because of his intransigence, originality and strength to fight his corner, has always wanted to show Slovaks and the whole world that it is worth struggling for years to make a name for himself and to earn his place in the sun. 

Only with his courage and creativity.

The Standard Magazine, USA

Mapplethorpe, Bianchi, Hamrick, over the years we have seen many great male erotic photographers. All having their own style, their own concepts and ideas. But what is it that really drives these talented people? What makes them choose to do male photography, or male erotic photography? Peter Zvonar stands out by the quality of his work. Peter grew up and lives in Slovakia, and it is here where he found his first inspiration to become an artist. His art is a reflection of his own personality; especially when it comes to male physique. Peter Zvonar wants us to know what drives him and gives us his insight to the world of his art.

The Standard Magazine, USA – Peter “Erzvo” Zvonar: Picture Perfect


Sarts and technology high school Bratislava (Slovakia), major restoration of art monuments
University of Education, Banská Bystrica, unfinished


2013, Ruzomberok, Slovakia
2014, Prague Barrandov
2016, Prague, The Millionaire Gallery
2016, Prague, Akta Erotika


International magazines: The Standard magazine USA, DNA Australia, Dark Beauty Magazine, OK! Magazine, American Male Magazine, Beautiful Mag France, LUI magazine, Plus 7 dni magazine SK,  Gay Net Entertainment Art USA, Gaywoo USA,  etc
International Contemporary Artists volume X, I.C.A. Publishing, New York
Book “Svaty Pokoj” Jan Rejfek, Peter ERZVO Zvonar co-author
Book “Umriem od šťastia” autor Martina Kamensky, photo Peter ERZVO Zvonar
Limited book “Never Stop Believing” – collectible edition
Calendars for PPG DECO Czech & Slovakia 2010 – 2013
Calendar DREAMS 2016
Calendar WORKS 2017
Calendar Agricultural Cooperative in Sklabina 2018
Calendar SLOVAKIA by ERZVO 2018


Getty Images Agency, Shutterstock, Istockphoto, Dreamstime
Czech singer icon Bára Basikova
Remake of photo  with Eva Máziková from the a cult Czechoslovak film “Pacho Hybský Zbojník”
PPG DECO SK & CZ premium brand Johnstone’s (UK), graphic
Peter Janík, an worldwide-awarded trendsetter & leader of the rarest collectable bespoke signature Haute Jewellery Art

Global successes:

2017 – Finalist The Global Art Awards 17.11.17 Dubaj, Burjn Khalifa – Armani Hotel. Organised by the Middle East Art Collector Association (UAE) with associate The Wall Street Journal (USA), photo Jesus Christ with Coca Cola
2017 – Nominated 1340 ART International Magazine – Gallery Italy, print edition January 2018
2017 – Finalist (3 photos) Photo Contest Bulgaria  FIAP, PSA, GPU, PCB
2017 – Nominated The 6th Annual One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017
2017 – I got an offer from a famous gallery in Manhattan, New York, ARTIFACT 84 Orchard Street
2017 – I got an offer from ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK

2017 – selection of 5 photos for ART EXPO New York 2018
2017 – Italian 1340 ART Gallery

“Everyone needs his/her Angel and I’ve got one too. A real one. It’s my boyfriend to whom I’m grateful for many things, who inspires me and helps me create my art.”

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"I believe in love and consider it a natural phenomenon, in second place right after life."
Dončova 9, 03401 Ružomberok Slovak Republik