Peter ERZVO Zvonar

We commend you on “DARK” which reflects a visual intensity.and a unique individual expression . Your impassioned lens in “WET” creatively encapsulates a unique artistic vision with luminescent positive energy as it radiates a lyrical, poetic artistic viewpoint. We enjoyed your sterling visual voyage in “BODY AND SOUL” with its sophisticated, compelling composition which reflects a unique sensitive “Third Eye.” Your aesthetically absorbing “FREEDOM” reverberates with a powerful interplay of light interacting with vibrant tonal combinations, as it is juxtaposed with a superb perspective. Your provocative ‘Oeuvre” oeuvre treasures our world with its eternal visual symbolism and embodies a timeless message while offering a powerful narrative. We salute you on your intriguing work which conveys the invisible within the visible and seizes the essence of the emotional and physical experience with a profound sensitivity to humankind. Your compelling photography reveals a timeless perspective and passionately captures the excitement and visceral quality of our universe.

  • Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York
If we were to permit ourselves the challenge of characterizing the complex and often contradictory quality of Zvonar’s art we might say that its  ncongruous facets arise out of a struggle to make manifest an ‘inner realism’ only available to the artist. It arises out of a world that only the artist is capable of identifying and tracing. He is engaged in seeking in art a satisfaction for man’s rage for order; he finds spiritual order, not divine revelation, in a secular imagination. In outlining that world’s contours to the observer Zvonar‘s logic of passion gives moral authority and remarkable subver- sive importance to the artist’s task of unveiling the marvelous…
  •  John Austin is an art writer living and working in Manhattan
He offers an escape route from the small box of the mind and everyday morals.

His work is Daring and Courageous. Its inspiring and offensive at the same time. Its everything we are but are afraid to confess. Its everything we love but were told to hate and feel ashamed about it. Is the wrong we wish to be right. The fantasy we wish to be real. Is the romantic pervert that lives inside of us in a prison. His work is offering the key to escape from this prison but the fools will never have the balls to unlock the gate.

Only with his courage and creativity.


These photos are so good we almost can’t post them. You should see what we held back.

Slovakian photographer Peter Erzvo Zvonar dares to push boundaries of taste and sensibility in a conservative country and climate. He is big, dashing, and ridiculously sexy himself. (Guess which images here are his self-portraits.) He likes upending the limits of decorum and piety. Maybe we will get the nerve to show you his Christian images at some point. Wow.
Zvonar is to be admired for following his heart and a few other organs to create his images and expose the world to what turns him on. We should all be so open and transparent. And all of this is done with a wicked sense of humor. Even though his images can be controversial, he continues to garner awards and commendations as well as be included in dozens of international exhibitions.


  • 2013, Ruzomberok, Slovakia
  • 2014, Prague Barrandov
  • 2016, Prague, The Millionaire Gallery
  • 2016, Prague, Akta Erotika
  • 2018, New York, Manhattan, Artifact Gallery
  • 2019, Martin, Slovakia


International magazines: The Standard magazine USA, DNA Australia, Dark Beauty Magazine, OK! Magazine, American Male Magazine, Beautiful Mag France, LUI magazine, Plus 7 dni magazine SK,  Gay Net Entertainment Art USA, Gaywoo USA,  etc
International Contemporary Artists volume X, I.C.A. Publishing, New York
Book “Svaty Pokoj” Jan Rejfek, Peter ERZVO Zvonar co-author
Book “Umriem od šťastia” autor Martina Kamensky, photo Peter ERZVO Zvonar
Limited book “Never Stop Believing” – collectible edition
Calendars for PPG DECO Czech & Slovakia 2010 – 2013
Calendar DREAMS 2016
Calendar WORKS 2017
Calendar Agricultural Cooperative in Sklabina 2018
Calendar SLOVAKIA by ERZVO 2018

Global successes:

2017 – Finalist The Global Art Awards 17.11.17 Dubaj, Burjn Khalifa – Armani Hotel. Organised by the Middle East Art Collector Association (UAE) with associate The Wall Street Journal (USA), photo Jesus Christ with Coca Cola
2017 – Nominated 1340 ART  Gallery Italy
2017 – Finalist (3 photos) Photo Contest Bulgaria  FIAP, PSA, GPU, PCB
2017 – Nominated The 6th Annual One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017
2017 – Selection of 5 photos for ART EXPO New York 2018
2018 – My work sells 1340 Gallery (Italy)
2018 – offer from ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK

2018 – offer from Steiner Gallery Vienna

2018 – Solo Exhibition in Prague, gallery Pisecka brana, Prague, March 1 – 15, 2018 – stopped the week before the opening reception for censorship
2018 – Solo Exhibition Artifact Gallery, NYC (USA) April 4 – 22. 2018 

2018 – Invitation Museum Exhibition in South Korea
2018 – Invitation Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo
2018 – Invitation Spectrum during Art Basel Miami
2019 – Invitation The Los Angeles Art Show

2018 – Invitation to XIIth FLORENCE BIENNALE, 2019

2018 – Invitation to AMSTERDAM WHITNEY INTERNATIONAL FINE ART, INC., a premier, museum-forum gallery, also known as “the most beautiful gallery in Chelsea, NYC”

2018 – Finalist Artavita Online Art Contest, for exhibition Art San Diego, October 18 – 21, 2018, USA

2018 – Exhibition “Čo je to za veselie” Slovakia

2018 – Exhibition Cestovateľský klub Martin – Bez hraníc. 2 photos of homeless

2018 – Honorable Recognition – “Homeless” – Fest Photo 2018, Martin, Slovakia

2019 – MutualART

2019 – ARTZINE 

2019 – Fotenie pre Baru Basikovu

“The art has to be controversial. All great works of art which were supertemporal were always outside of majority’s understanding. The art should be stirring. It’s a kind of rebellion that comes from the heart and soul of the artist. When I create art I don’t think about the consequences of it, but the specific message of the piece, how I captured the story and it doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic story, story of one person, terrifying story or whether it shows ones hidden desires and urges. I like to portray these in particular. Maybe that’s why there is a lot of sexuality in my artwork as well as Christian symbolism. That’s why I am not as popular in my homeland Slovakia which has a very traditional Christian society. I also believe it’s because of my attitude to life and my openness.”

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"I believe in love and consider it a natural phenomenon, in second place right after life."
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