Slovak photographer, more famous in abroad that at home, whose work is very popular abroad and is published by many worldwide magazines, is publishing his first calendar of gay erotica, unparalelled in his home country.

Works of Peter ERZVO Zvonar is, in many regards, exceptional. Those are not your ordinary erotica photographs, the photographer ventures further. His work breaches the boundary between erotic art and pornography, and the photographer is courageous enough to step in front of the camera, not only to uncover his genitalia, but also portrays male to male sexual acts. He strikes perfect poses and his world-class looks and immense charisma eclipses also some of his better built models. This is Peter ERZVO Zvonar: exhibitionist and courageous photographer, who isn’t afraid to enter the danger zone. We are bringing you this interview with this photographer along with several uncensored shots that came up during production of this unique calendar.