In the main his work would be considered to be erotic,  political, pornographic and above all provocative. You will see from his website that he appears in many of his pictures… a selfie man? Well no, its more to do with the fact that his much of his work is nude, erotic, pornographic … and here in his own words:

“Why? Because I like myself, I am sexy, I have a good figure and I can make good faces (laughing). I always want to express something by my photographs, it is not enough for me to take a picture of my body, nude or half-nude. For me, there is a certain kind of symbolism in the fact that I am nude on the photo. It is not just a body, it is not my intention just to provoke, though it certainly is a provocation but in a different sense of the word. I want to initiate a discussion, I want to make people start thinking. To encourage them not to be scared, to put away their scruples, to get rid of agreements concluded a long time ago with family, system, religion. To be free in their way of thinking”