Photo: Lenka Hatašová

Bára Basiková is an icon of the Czechoslovak music scene. She has never tried to break through current music styles. She had and still has her own vision, her own view of the music and the world. Her work is timeless and very broad-spectrum, from pop, rock, film music, musicals, spiritual music, and so on. Besides the gift of voice, she has the gift of words and the gift to listen. She is a person who has a great charisma and humility. Bára always sings alive and she isn’t afraid of big challenges. She is an author of several LP records, musical compositions and she has taken part in musicals and has won several prestigious awards.

Photo: Lenka Hatašová

‘Despite his skills he is a very kind and humble man,’ the Czech diva insists. ‘I like his ability to bring eroticism into photography in a bold way. Many may feel irritated, but they all have to admit that eroticism is a part of our lives. Moreover, if there is someone who can capture it this way, it has an amazing depth and magic.’
‘He is a very skilled photographer, I think a successor of Robert Vano or Jan Saudek,’ she says about Peter Erzvo Zvonár, who comes from Ružomberok and many foretell his great success. ‘If he lived in America, his name would be known all over the world and he wouldn’t shoot with Bara Basiková but with Madonna,’ tells about him the Czech singer.

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"I believe in love and consider it a natural phenomenon, in second place right after life."
Dončova 9, 03401 Ružomberok Slovak Republik