Forget mediocrity and ordinariness !

I’m a finalist by jury’s board for The Global Art Awards, 17.11.17 Armani Hotel Dubai – Burj Khalifa.

Exceptional works of art from an extraordinary country in the heart of Europe.

Slovakia is depicted as a beautiful, small, conservative, Catholic country, rich in history and traditions, full of beautiful scenery and historical sites, nice and humble people who would rather bow their heads to the ground than stand out in a crowd, and here several unique art-works were born in a small town surrounded by mountains. Peter ERZVO Zvonar, an ordinary man, who believes in love and goodness, and who since his childhood has been standing out in a crowd because of his intransigence, originality and strength to fight his corner, has always wanted to show Slovaks and the whole world that it is worth struggling for years to make a name for himself and to earn his place in the sun. Only with his courage and creativity.

He had his first big exhibition at home in Slovakia, an exhibition that was supposed to last a month ended up lasting an entire year. Another exhibition was in Prague in Barrandov in 2016 in the Millionaire Gallery Prague, which belongs to the world chain of galleries. Then yet again in summer of 2016 in Prague at Václavské námesti. In 2016 he became acquainted with the singer icon Bára Basikova, who was the godmother of both exhibitions. He photographed her in a controversial photoshoot Mary Magdalen and Jesus Christ. These photographs were taken over by Slovak and Czech media immediately. Bára said for the Czech and Slovak media that if the photographer Peter ERZVO Zvonár lived in America, he would not shoot with Basikova but with Madonna.

In the USA they compare him to such great photographers as Mapplethorpe, Bianchi or Hamrick and the Slovak media to the new Saudek. His photographs hang in private collections as limited editions among Van, Saudek, Romina Ressio or Lee Jeffries. He publishes everywhere in the world. Two books with his photographs were published, he co-authored Svatý Pokoj and authored limited edition Never Stop Believing. He sells photos in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA and through the international agency Getty Images all over the world.

As the first in Czechoslovakia he started to dedicate time and himself to so-called PornArt art. He was first to publish a gay calendar in Slovakia and it´s cover featuring him was on billboards in the capital city of Slovakia. He was first to remake the famous scene from the movie Pacho Hybský Zbojník with Eva Máziková and Jožko Króner, where Eva after about 35 years again stamped the cabbage with a young male model. The photoshoot took place in one of the UNESCO landscapes in the small village Vlkolínec. On the second day the main photo was used by the biggest Slovak daily paper and in that year following this scene an advertising scene for a betting company was filmed featuring Eva Máziková.

He focuses mainly on Christian themes, photographs with a story – into which he puts his heart, PornArt and social themes. .

He was a finalist by an international jury for the World Art Awards, 17.11.17 Armani Hotel Dubai – Burj Khalifa.



Me facinan las fotografias con modelos, porque son expresiones y poses muy diferentes a las usuales. Me imagino que no ha de ser facil poder trabajar con tus modelos. También me han gustado tus auto fotografías por contener originalidad son estupendas. No pierdas tu legado. Me gustaría me permitas pintar algunas de ellas. Te lo voy agradecer ampliamente.

Gustavo Hernandez‎, Mexican fan 


The Standard Magazine, USA

Mapplethorpe, Bianchi, Hamrick, over the years we have seen many great male erotic photographers. All having their own style, their own concepts and ideas. But what is it that really drives these talented people? What makes them choose to do male photography, or male erotic photography? Peter Zvonar stands out by the quality of his work. Peter grew up and lives in Slovakia, and it is here where he found his first inspiration to become an artist. His art is a reflection of his own personality; especially when it comes to male physique. Peter Zvonar wants us to know what drives him and gives us his insight to the world of his art.

The Standard Magazine, USA – Peter “Erzvo” Zvonar: Picture Perfect


Tony Veloz

Peter Erzvo’s creativity is beyond words. His work reflects a certain edginess and sexiness that is very unique, unlike anything ever seen. His use of lighting and color is extraordinary and it really showcases his subjects. When you look at his work, you see that each image tells a story, leaving the viewer transfixed. Peter is definitely a rising star.“

Tony Veloz Beauty & Fashion photographer in Washington DC


Nudity, pornography, blood, christian symbols …

And it is far from everything, with what photographer Peter ERZVO Zvonár shocks and stirs crowds. Slovak Jan Saudek. Destroying taboos, but not exceeding a fine line between animality of his photos on one side and superficial vulgarity on the other. His „dirty pictures“ are not for everyone.

Monika Mikulcova, editor Plus 7 dni magazine, Slovakia


Zaujala ma ich kontroverznosť

…nesmierna odvaha a zároveň pozitívny estetický dojem. Sú provokatívne, ale zároveň vkusné a majú hĺbku. Je veľmi láskavý a skromný človek, napriek tomu, čo dokáže. Páči sa mi, že erotiku vie do fotografií preniesť odvážnym spôsobom. Mnohých to možno dráždi, ale každý si musí priznať, že erotika je súčasťou našich životov. A pokiaľ to niekto takto zachytí, má to úžasnú hĺbku a kúzlo.

„Keby žil v Amerike, tak by jeho meno poznal celý svet a nefotil by s Bárou Basikovou, ale s Madonnou!“

Bára Basiková, československá spevácka ikona



„There is a witch-hunt going on in Slovakia… It is aimed not only against homosexuals, but against basic human rights“


OK! Magazine / Talent, ktorý zatiaľ nikto neobjavil

Na Slovensku je veľa talentov, ktoré žijú v menších mestách. Napriek tomu, že sa v nich skrýva veľa, ich umelecká tvorba sa dostáva k širokej verejnosti iba veľmi ťažko. Takýmto prípadom je aj fotograf Peter ERZVO Zvonar, ktorý napriek tomu žije svoj sen v Ružomberku. Rád by však to, čo robí, dostal ďalej. Z lásky a vďaky ľudí sa totiž žiť jednoducho nedá.



PLUS Magazin / objav

„Ako novinár narážam často na zaujímavých ľudí, ktorí nepôsobia v slovenskom šoubiznise, no ich životný príbeh je v niečom výnimočný. takým je aj fotograf Peťo. Stačil mi jeden pohľad na jeho snímky a bolo mi jasné: rastie to nový Jan Saudek. Respektíve, on už vyrástol, iba ho nie je až tak vidieť…“

Novinár Štefan Šperka, PLUS Magazin, Slovensko





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